Our Story

We specialize in all areas of design – architecture, interiors, and landscape architecture.
After 25 years of designing homes, Chris MacPherson of MacPherson Architecture Ltd. lives and breathes design. He listens to and understands intently each and every one of his client’s personal needs, and then brings each client’s dream project to life, materializing his understanding of his clients in a unique and stunning way.
Chris and Robyn MacPherson believe that every New Zealander deserves a beautiful home that they love; and they are crazy passionate about seeing their clients get exactly that. Seeing the current state of the majority of houses in New Zealand, they knew they had to be the change.
Cold and damp in winter with condensating windows. Hot and sweltering in summer, expanding and contracting – most NZ homes cannot cope with our changing climate. Chris & Robyn wanted more than a 10 year master builder’s guarantee for their clients.
Their journey took them all the way to Europe, where homes and buildings are warm/cool, strong, meet the utmost quality and performance levels and last many, many generations.
Having watched the evolution in building and design in New Zealand over the past 25 years, Chris & Robyn knew that Wienerberger’s POROTHERM clay block construction system is the perfect building solution for New Zealand.
If you want to live exceptionally well in a healthier, 100% natural, permanent home that will truly last, then POROTHERM is for you – we love to talk about this, so give us a call.

What we do

Established in Cambridge 2000, we are a Waikato/Auckland based practice with projects across NZ. Chris MacPherson’s ability to understand your brief is directly reflected in the diversity and intuition shown in his work. Chris, Architectural Designer & Landscape Designer – is a licensed practitioner, Level 2, member of NZGBC and BBE.
As a design team, we work with our clients from the initial design schematic stage, 3D modelling through to delivering fully comprehensive consent architectural and engineering detailing and documentation – facilitating a hassle-free permit process and build. We will confirm the budget and contractual documentation with your builder and then work with you throughout the build in project and site management, Interior & Landscape Design. All of this forms the essence of our professional services.
Chris has significant horticultural knowledge and experience and because we do it all in house – we manage the ability to retain the continuity of your design and style. Our design expertise is to create a seamless transition between indoor/outdoor spaces marrying perfectly with your interiors. Robyn specialises in interiors and fit-out.

Our Mission

As a future-based practice – our biggest passion is to use sustainable and integral building materials. As founders of Stellaria NZ, we are New Zealand’s exclusive distributors of high-quality European construction materials, manufactured by Wienerberger, Europe’s no. 1 producer of clay construction materials. We believe the built environment is not just about good design but has to be sustainable, durable and healthy. As members of the NZ Green Building Council (NZGBC) and Building Biology & Ecology (BBE) we work closely with our clients to help them achieve the best possible long-term solutions for their investment. We specialise in the design and construction of Clay Block Homes using POROTHERM by Wienerberger. This has given us the ability to present our clients with the opportunity to adopt our philosophy of the ‘Fabric First’ approach – 100% natural, breathable, durable and healthy materials in building.
When you work with MacPherson Architecture and Stellaria NZ, you will receive expert, professional design and build advice from the inception of your project to highly detailed drawings and documentation for council through to construction site observation and/or management.

Our Team

Chris MacPherson Director

Chris MacPherson


Robyn MacPherson Director

Robyn MacPherson


Federico Carranza Architectural Technician

Federico Carranza

Architectural Technician

Jeremy Cauilan Architectural Technician

Jeremy Cauilan

Architectural Technician

Christina Balsom Administrator

Christina Balsom


Irene Nunes de Albuquerque Accounts Manager

Irene Nunes de Albuquerque

Accounts Manager

Adriana Oliveira - Marketing

Adriana Oliveira


Jonty MacPherson - Marketing

Jonty MacPherson