Karapiro Boathouse Project



Built in POROTHERM clay construction block from Stellaria NZ Ltd, this is a boathouse situated on Lake Karapiro. This family is planning to build the main family home, plus Chalets to enhance their love of family and watersports.

‘Jon and I have really enjoyed working with Robyn and Chris MacPherson on our boatshed. Firstly the design of the building itself is beautiful. The style is classic and the proportions are lovely to look at. Having travelled to Europe recently we both wanted to build with a product that would last 200 years or more, like they do in Europe. The Porotherm block certainly fits this space. The appeal wasn’t just in the longevity of the building, it was also the high R value of the block, and the fact that it breathes. At this point in time all the blocks are in, the roof is on and the windows arrive in the next few days. I really look forward to the blocks being plastered, as I envisage this will be amazing to see.
The team of block layers, builders and sub contractors have been fantastic, consulting with Jon and I, plus Chris on a regular basis to ensure that the build goes smoothly and all practical aspects are considered. Small changes have been made along the way, with Adrian (main blocklayer, plasterer and tiler) doing a great job of bringing all the sub contractors up to speed on how to work best with the blocks. We look forward to finishing this project hopefully before Christmas, so that the boat can enjoy being undercover and our friends and family can enjoy staying in the upstairs portion of the boatshed’
Joanne Leigh, October 2018